Use the University Resources You Pay For

This is just a bit of advice that I feel all college students would do well to follow. Use the resources you pay for. When you are paying college tuition, it’s not just the professor’s salary you’re paying for. When you pay for your housing, it’s not just the electricity and cost of upkeep you’re paying for. The fact remains that you and possibly your parents are paying for a variety of services and fees. If you are already paying for it, then why not use it?

The classic example is with my own university. We have a very new recreational facility called the RPAC (Recreational Facility Athletic Center). Now, every Ohio State student is charged a quarterly fee for this and the other athletic centers. However, less than half of the student population actually uses the RPAC. Essentially, that’s thousands of dollars that are being wasted. My school also has a program where every student has to pay $9.00 to COTA (Central Ohio Transportation Authority), and they get to ride the bus as much as they want in any given quarter. It’s a shame that many commuters still insist on spending money on gas when they could be using the service they already paid for.

I know this sounds a bit preachy, but if you’re paying for it, why not use it? It can apply to anything in college, including meal plans, parking, athletic tickets, and more. I know people who work out whenever they can because they want their money’s worth out of the athletic fees. I think they have the right idea. This isn’t just a web site about how to save money, it’s a web site about making the most of your money, which includes using things you’ve already paid for.

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