Top Ten Most Popular TV Shows in College

I figured it would be nice to see what college students are into these days. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, you can see what’s really popular amongst college students. This will be the first post in my “Top Ten Series.” Here are the top ten most popular TV shows in college.

The Top Ten Series – TV Shows

10. Lost

Although I personally don’t watch this show, I know a crazy amount of people who do. Now that it’s over, who knows what the next insanely convoluted and confusing TV series will be. Thanks to DVDs though, college students will be enjoying this series for some time.

9. 24

I think I’m asked at least once a week if I watch 24. Unfortunately, I don’t. I think it would be hard to just jump into 24 when I’ve never seen a single episode. However, college students who have watched it religiously tend to proclaim the Gospel of Jack Bauer to one and all. As a result, this show makes the top ten.

8. Seinfeld

I’ve already spoken on how Kramer would make money in college. Clearly, I’m not the only Seinfeld fan in college. The seasons sell like wildfire on DVD (I was fortunate enough my freshman year that my roommate had seasons 1-5 on DVD). Nothing beats putting off homework to watch a nice Seinfeld episode.

7. Friends

Ross, Rachel, and the rest of the gang are still popular amongst college students. Thanks again to fantastic DVD sales. One guy on my floor last year had the entire Friends box set. He was pretty popular; people were always trying to borrow seasons.

6. South Park

Let’s face it, South Park is basically geared towards college kids in all ways. We all know that college kids love their World of Warcraft, so that South Park episode making fun of it was one of the most popular. When Wednesday night rolls around, don’t be surprised to see loads of people watching Comedy Central.

5. The Office

The American version of the Office is quite popular amongst college students. Some even enjoy the British version. If you’re standing with a group of random college guys, chances are that someone will start quoting the office about five minutes into the conversation.

4. Scrubs

Who doesn’t love Zach Braff? Scrubs is immensely popular on college campuses around the country. The witty humor and amusing flashbacks are only a small fraction of what makes this TV show so popular. Syndication on Comedy Central has helped this show to seemingly always be on a college TV somewhere.

3. House

I think college students really enjoy a protagonist who’s a jerk. House has gained a tremendous following in its three seasons. I’ll confess that at first I thought House was a stupid show. I thought it was just the same thing over and over, and House was too over-the-top of a character. However, once I watched a few full episodes in a row, I just couldn’t get enough and had to watch it religiously.

2. Grey’s Anatomy

Although many people agree that this past season was pretty lack-luster, Grey’s is still one of the most popular TV shows in college. I was an RA last year, and I had to plan my programs around Thursday nights. When it comes time for Grey’s, entire dorm rooms shut down. Some college students are so serious about their Grey’s that it is almost scary. I never watched it until this past season. I confess I started watching because I felt out of the loop. After only a few episodes, like House, I became hooked.

1. Family Guy

Fox tried to kill this show, but failed (thanks again to DVD sales). Family Guy is the reining champion amongst college students. Although newer seasons are, in my opinion, way over-priced, students still enjoy watching the adventures of Peter, Stewie, Brian, Lois, Chris, and the other one. Sundays one can find many students watching Family Guy.

Honorable Mention

Although these shows weren’t on the top ten list provided by facebook, I still observe a lot of people watching these shows.


HBO’s hit show is crazy-popular amongst college age students (mostly male in my observations). Most students can’t get HBO in their dorms (except the resourceful ones who stick a satellite out their bedroom window), but DVD sales and illegal downloading make the enjoyment of Entourage possible.

The Daily Show/The Colbert Report

Many people think that college students are politically apathetic. However, proof of at least casual interest can be found in the many students who watch both of these political satire shows nightly. The daily show was actually taped at my school for a week. I’d never seen students so excited for something.

The Simpsons

I’m not quite sure how this didn’t make the list. To be fair, everyone generally agree that Old Simpsons far surpasses New Simpsons. Sundays aren’t shut down while everyone in college watches new Simpsons episodes, but you can still find plenty of people who tune in every day to watch the re-runs. Many college students also have Simpsons DVDs.

Arrested Development

Another Fox show makes the list. Unfortunately, Fox was able to murder this brilliant show (when will they learn you can’t keep moving show times around so that no one knows when it’s on). I know tons of college students who have Arrested Development DVDs. There was even an Arrested Development watching party a few floors below me last year.

So ends the first top ten in my series of top tens. If you don’t watch any of these shows, you might want to consider moving out from under your rock. If this list contains some shows you haven’t seen, you would do well to check them out.

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