Top Ten Most Popular Movies in College

The top ten series rolls on, and once again, thanks to Facebook, we’re going to see the top ten most popular movies in college. When college students have downtime they can very often be found watching movies with friends. Some students have big screen TVs, others just watch movies on their computers. Some RAs even plan “movie nights.” So, here are some movies you can expect a lot of students to be watching all year.

The Top Ten Series – Movies

10. Garden State

What college student wouldn’t love Natalie Portman? Zach Braff work makes the college movie list in addition to the TV show list (with Scrubs). This movie is also bolstered by the fact that I think almost everyone has the Garden State soundtrack on their computer. A quick look at the DVD collections of college students will show you that many love this film.

9. Gladiator

“What we do in life…that goes an eternity…” Russell Crowe dominating everyone. Amongst the guys in college, this film is quite popular. Classics majors probably enjoy this film a lot more than the average person, but anyone can enjoy this movie. It’s got action, love, betrayal, and all sorts of other great Hollywood moments.

8. The Departed

A new entry this year. The Academy Award winning film with what seems like half of Hollywood in it enjoys tremendous popularity amongst all college students. Last year my dorm had several showings of The Departed. Tons of people showed up to see it.

7. Office Space

College students are getting ready to enter the work force, so it’s only natural that the film that espouses the mantra “Work sucks” would enjoy college popularity. This movie has its fair share of hilarious quotes, and you can always expect a Milton joke when a student uses his or her Swingline Stapler. So, yeah, if you haven’t seen it, I’m gonna have to ask you to go ahead and do that by Sunday, okay? Great.

6. Fight Club

I remember reading about some issues with college students trying to form Fight Clubs. I think the popularity of this movie explains it. “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” Maybe that would explain why intoxicated frat boys frequently try to start fights? In any case, this is a great film that college students love. You may even see students reading the book.

5. Boondock Saints

This film has enjoyed its cult status immensely. I remember going to purchase this DVD before my freshman year in college and having to go to Best Buys all around the city. Everyone was out of it. The reason is that it’s an amazing movie, and probably that tons of college students love it and were getting it for school. So many amazing fight scenes, a great story, and great actors make this film hit the number five spot on our countdown.

4. Old School

This is a great comedy that is enjoyed by many, many college students throughout the country. Will Ferrell is at his best (in my opinion), and it provides a very interesting view on Frat life. Naturally, college students will find the outrageous parties and crude jokes to be quite enjoyable. However, I hope that college students refrain from following Will Ferrell’s advice and charging the stadium naked.

3. Anchorman

Will Ferrell makes another impact on this top ten list. This movie has to be one of the most quoted films in the history of the world. Guys everywhere will take random quotes from the movie and start laughing to themselves. My girlfriend once had a discussion with her friends as to why guys quote movies so much. I don’t really have an answer, but all I know is that Anchorman is hilarious.

2. The Notebook

For being an extreme chick-flick, many guys have also seen this movie. Some of them even admit to seeing it, and actually liking it. If anyone’s in the mood for a cute story, and some Rachel McAdams, then they will most likely put The Notebook in. College movies may consist mostly of comedies, but students still enjoy romance.

1. Wedding Crashers

I probably watched this movie over five times in college last year. Not to mention, it seemed like almost every guy in my dorm had the Wedding Crasher’s poster with the Rules for Wedding Crashing. This film has such universal appeal; it’s not a mystery why it’s on top on the list. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson dominate in the lead roles. Rachel McAdams makes her second appearance on the list. Is it shocking that both the number one and two movies have Rachel McAdams in them? How about the fact that, once again, Will Ferrell is in a popular college movie? In any case, Wedding Crashers is a must see for all college students.

Honorable Mention

Pirates of the Caribbean (Trilogy)

If you go into a dorm room, I expect you’ll find many, many college girls with the Pirates posters of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. This past year, the anticipation for the new Pirates movie was tremendous. Everyone kept asking me if I’d seen it (I felt so out of the loop, I rushed out to see it the first chance I had). The Pirates series, although it’s Disney, for some reason holds an insane amount of appeal for college kids. It could be the presence of really talented and hot Hollywood stars, or it could be the fact that college students do like Pirates more than Ninjas. In any case, this series makes the list.

Lord of the Rings (Trilogy)

Yet another trilogy with Orlando Bloom makes honorable mention. Not only are the books immensely popular amongst college students, but the movie is as well. I remember a Lord of the Rings marathon some people on my floor had last year. They watched over ten straight hours of film. This means two things; one is that college students really enjoy Lord of the Rings; and the other is that college students generally procrastinate a lot on the weekends.

So ends the top ten most popular movies in college. They may not all be Academy Award winners, but they’ll certainly keep you entertained. Be prepared to know quotes from many of the comedies, because you’ll hear them all over campus.

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