Top Ten Most Popular Books in College

So, we’ve been through movies, TV shows, and video games (although the last one wasn’t a top ten), so it’s time for the top ten most popular books in college. Now, clearly college students have to do a lot of reading anyway (even engineering majors and math majors have to read huge books…go figure). In any case, again using the wonders of facebook, I’ve come up with a definitive top ten list. Keep in mind, if textbooks counted, I’m sure this list would look different.

10. The Giver

The first book on the countdown has only been around since 1993. It is also the first of a few books on the list that many college students will have read either in grade school or high school. The Giver is classic tale about a utopia that may not be so perfect. Who knew that you could ever read books in school that you actually like?

9. Pride and Prejudice

To be honest, we all know what type of college student reads Pride and Prejudice (women). I have yet to meet a female who’s heart doesn’t melt at the thought that Mr. Darcey and Elizabeth Bennett might actually end up together. Couple that with the Keira Knightley movie (and for some of the more enthusiastic, the Colin Firth mini series), and college females just love Jane Austen’s prized work. Now I need to do something incredibly manly, someone throw me a football.

8. The Notebook

Well, I just ruined all my attempts at manliness by listing this next book. Ever since McAdams and Gosling hit the scene in the popular romantic film, people have been reading the book. I will make a guess that once again more women than men are reading The Notebook, but I’ve been wrong before. To be honest, I didn’t even realize the movie was based on a book until researching for this top ten list.

7. Lord of the Rings (trilogy)

We next move on to a fantastic trilogy. Yes, some people actually read the books rather than just watching the movies (I know you think it’s crazy, but I actually have met people who are obsessed with the films yet have never read the books…shocking). In any case, between completing required reading, you may just find some people with their noses in a Lord of the Rings book. Just remember the maxim coined by Flight of the Conchords, “Frodo, don’t wear the ring.”

6. To Kill a Mockingbird

Rarely can you find someone who has read this novel and not enjoyed it. In fact, a 1991 survey by the Book of the Month Club ranked it second among books “most often cited as making a difference” (in the lives of readers). Guess what book was first? That’s right, the Bible.

5. The Great Gatsby

A book that many may have read in school. It wasn’t required for me, but I read it anyway. Students still love F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book. The sad thing is, that it wasn’t very popular until after his death. At least it’s still here for loads of college students to enjoy.

4. Catcher in the Rye

Another book that college students may have read in high school. The story of Holden Caulfield has captured the attention of teens, and college students for years. Who doesn’t love a story about teen angst that contains profanity AND sexuality?

3. Angels and Demons

Perhaps The Da Vinci Code is more famous (as well as controversial), but it all started with Angels and Demons. Talk to many college students, and they’ll probably tell you that Angels and Demons is much, much better.

2. 1984

Given how some people view the present administration, it’s no wonder that 1984 is among the most popular books in college. In fact, just last year I saw a production of 1984 at Kenyon College. George Orwell’s story still proves to be quite interesting to many students. Who says college students are politically apathetic? At least they’ll read about dictatorships.

1. Harry Potter (series)

This may not surprise you, but much like people in grade school, high school, and the work force, college students LOVE Harry Potter. The sheer amount of facebook groups would definitely support that fact. Actually, one can even meet many people in college who resemble Harry Potter characters. Given the tremendous success of the series, it’s no wonder that Harry Potter tops the list as the most popular book on college campuses.

So ends the top ten series. We here at College and Finance may bring it back at some point, but for now, we can’t think of any other top tens that you should know of. If you haven’t read any of these books, you seriously need to take a trip to your local library and see what all the fuss is about.

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