The Seventh Carnival of College and Finance

Welcome to the Seventh Edition of the Carnival of College and Finance. As always, we had plenty of good submissions, and plenty of spammy, trashy submissions that had to be filtered out. Try as we might to inform people that college students aren’t really concerned about mortgages, people still submit countless articles centered around them. In any case, hopefully you enjoy these posts.

College Humor

Hall Monitor presents UC San Diego Sends Acceptance E-mail to Wrong List posted at, saying, “To be filed in the “Oops” column.” Unfortunately, we don’t have an “Oops” category, but this story is amusing enough to make it into the “humor” section.


OnlineCollege presents The Master List of Free Online College Courses posted at Universities and Colleges.

College Fun

GrrlScientist presents Seattle Visit: University of Washington’s GreenHouse, Part Two posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “This is part two of my photo-essay about the University of Washington’s Biology Department greenhouse, where I discovered two species of captive-bred poison dart frogs! Lots of pictures for you to enjoy.”If you’re into plants and such, then this is definitely a great post for you.

College Humor

Jeannie Anderson presents Pre-Med at TV Commercial University posted at The Writer in Me – Teaching, Writing, Living.

Credit Cards

NtJS presents College Kids and Credit Cards posted at not the jet set, saying, “Did you fall prey? Did they get you already? Was the lure of the 2-liter of Coke / Frisbee / T-shirt / hat too much? Did you sign up for a credit card on campus?”

Kevin Fleming presents Best Student Credit Cards posted at CreditShout, saying, “Student credit cards, if used responsibly can be a good way to start building credit. Many student credit cards have high fees and rates, so it’s important to find the right card.”


freefrombroke presents 12 Things Every Teenager Needs To Know About Money (And How To Teach Them) posted at Free From Broke, saying, “There’s more free money than you may realize for college!”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents College Advantage: Ohio 529 Savings Plan Offers $25 Cash Bonus posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Saving for college”

nickel presents What is a 529 Plan? posted at, saying, “An overview of college savings plans.”

The Smarter Wallet presents Student Loan Programs To Pay For My College Tuition Costs posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Finance Tips 101 presents How To Get An Athletic Scholarship posted at Finance Tips 101. An interesting post, but I could probably answer this question: be really sweet at a sport; and you’ll get an athletic scholarship.


Skyler Reep presents Take Control of Your Continuing Education posted at Skyler Reep’s Blog, saying, “Will self-paced continuing education take the place of accredited degree programs? …What do employers value: knowledge and expertise or transcripts and a suffix?”

Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Free Courses & Tutorials for Aspiring iPhone App Developers posted at Best Universities.

Tom Tessin presents High Paying Degree Jobs posted at FCC Student Blog, saying, “Need some ideas on what some of the highest paying fields are right now? Here are a few that should get you on the right path.”


Leyda Hernandez presents How to Job Search in a Recession posted at Making Moves in College!.

Nancy Miller presents 100 Resources to Help You Read Better and Faster posted at Online University Reviews.

Olivia presents Three Time Management Tools for College Students posted at

Margaret Garcia presents Top 50 Engineering Professor Blogs posted at Top Online Engineering Degree.

Ted presents College Advice: 100+ Tips for Survival posted at CampusGrotto.

Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Awesome Cheat Sheets to Get You Through College Admissions posted at Online Best

Sarah Scrafford presents 50 Best iPhone Apps for MBA Students posted at Management

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Carnival of College and Finance using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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