Quidditch — The Newest College Sport People Can Argue About

There are a lot of crazy college sports out there, but Quidditch may just be the craziest. Last month, the first intercollegiate Quidditch match was held. Middlebury defeated Vassar handily (Vassar never even scored), and spectators were treated to a very interesting sort of game. You can read the full article here. I guess College and Finance was exactly right in comparing the people you meet in college to Harry Potter characters.

If the sport of Quidditch truly “takes off,” then we might have a QCS (Quidditch Championship Series). At the end of the season, at least 20 teams will be able to make a valid argument as to why they should be in the championship game. Schools in the SEC would also claim that their form of Quidditch is better than every other form of Quidditch. There could be various coaching changes, which would cause considerable controversy. Several college Quidditch coaches might bolt to the NQL (National Quidditch League) and then find out that they can’t hack it.

At which point they would abruptly return to the college ranks. Two notable coaches to realize this would be Dick Fiban, and Jobby Latrino. Oh yes, and the newspaper tabloids will be buzzing once the starting Seeker for a nationally recognized Quidditch program is arrested for some crime, perhaps a DUI. Who knows, maybe the New England Compatriots (a professional Quidditch team that is sure to be founded and coached by someone named Will Handmeacheck), will get caught filming Chaser plays. We here at College and Finance truly look forward to an exciting new sport hitting the college, and maybe even professional, landscape.

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