Acing Finals – Link of the Week

The internet is full of both useful information and trashy information. College and Finance’s goal is to provide students and their families with useful, amusing information, and we appreciate anyone else who does the same. With this in mind, I decided to sift through all the garbage that is far too prevalent on the web to bring students one extremely useful link. I plan on doing this every week from now on, because only together can we fight the general internet ignorance. This will hereby be the beginning of the College and Finance Link of the Week (LotW…not to be confused with LotR). The inaugural link is aimed at helping students who need to cram/study for final exams. I know it helped me when I had a pretty nasty Statistics final to study for. After you’ve looked through some tips C&F provides on essay writing and lowering stress, you definitely wanna check out:

The Best Tips for Acing Final Exams

A huge congrats to Zen College Life on providing us with the FIRST EVER Link of the Week. I am a perpetually broke college student, so unfortunately the only prize is we can offer for the LotW is the sincere gratitude we have for the winner who is helping to make the internet less spammy and mind numbing. Additionally, the great contribution is now immortalized on the Link of the Week Award Winners list. Hooray!

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