About College & Finance

Hi there!

My name is Erik Nilsson and I am the blogger and founder of College and Finance.

I am now an academic with a background in economics and business administration with the following degrees from Copenhagen Business School.

BSc in Service Management and Business Administration, focus Innovation
MSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development

I am really excited to see you visiting us here on College And Finance. I have always been interested in finance, economics and financials and would love to help you on your journey to a better financial life as a student. It is truly devastating to see the amount of students taking up questionable loans and making bad financial decisions as a student, which sometimes end up haunting them for life! Especially in the US, figuring out the optimal way of financing your college can be a major decision in your life, and affect when you can buy your first home or start a family. I am hoping that the guidance I can provide here can help you get more control of your financials, and therefore your life.

Enjoy the blog!

// Erik Nilsson

Feel free to reach out to me at admin@collegeandfinance.com and I will reply as soon as I can!