16 Most Popular Video Games on College Campuses

College students seem to really love their video games. I remember being surprised when I first arrived at college to see how many people had video game systems, computer games, and more. So, I figured I’d undertake a huge task. I wanted to find out what video games were most popular on college campuses. It took me along time to poll as many college students as I could find, but I finally came up with the top 16 most popular video games on campus.

This list is not according to straight sales, but student responses and where they would rank them in terms of frequent usage. I counted some sequels individually, while others were just franchises. It got complicated when some people enjoyed multiple games from the same franchise (hence the lumping together). We’ll start at number 16….

16. Half-Life 2

It may be surprising that Half Life even makes the list. I was surprised. But an awful lot of gentlemen love this game. While it is a single player game, a large number of college students still play it. Yes, it’s old, but still quite popular. Who wouldn’t want to kill aliens after an extremely hard Chemistry midterm? Better yet, who wouldn’t want to use a WiiMote in order to do it?

15. Warcraft III

While it isn’t as popular as its ultra-successful MMORPG counterpart (probably due to the fact that it’s not nearly as addictive), college students still enjoy the classic Warcraft game.

14. Madden (franchise)

While college students may enjoy their NCAA football, there’s nothing like playing as your favorite NFL team and listening to Madden’s classic commentary. All sorts of college males love playing Madden on a wide variety of systems. Some may call the NFL the “No Fun League” because of all the fines players get for celebrations. However, college kids playing Madden is about as fun as it gets.

13. Halo

For those people interested in old school Xbox, Halo is a must. The multiplayer isn’t as great as Halo 2, but many students still enjoy it. Halo parties may be less frequent now, but for a while, it was all the rage. If you are a college student, chances are you’ll be exposed to the Halo franchise (if you haven’t been already).

12. NCAA March Madness (franchise)

If your school has a big time basketball program, then any of the March Madness series will undoubtedly be played at your university. Students just can’t get enough of their favorite match-ups. I’m sure that after tough real-life losses to North Carolina, Duke students play them over and over on their video game systems.

11. Mario Party (franchise)

Sure, cool-techy individuals like to tell themselves that the N64 is dead, but from the looks of college campuses, it is thriving. The Mario Party series is still quite popular, and students living in dorms can be heard late at night cheering loudly. One student told me it was fun to play Mario Party while intoxicated. In any case, where there are gatherings of 4 students, Mario Party will most likely be played.

10. Super Smash Brothers: Melee

Super Smash Brothers Melee runs only on the Gamecube, and therefore its popularity can be significantly damaged (since more students have PS2s and Xboxes). However, being a multiplayer game, it is still very well liked on college campuses. People even take classes on Super Smash techniques. Everyone seems to have their favorite character, and the shouts during a match can be heard throughout most buildings. Not to mention, colleges still host SSB: Melee tournaments.

9. NCAA Football (franchise)

NCAA football is very popular on college campuses as well. Unsurprisingly, it’s more popular at bigger schools that have big time football programs. Arguments may frequently break out over who can be the school’s team. In an interesting twist, I’ve observed that many people will attempt to play the upcoming match-up on their console first. Combining NCAA Football with Madden allows students to use their favorite players all the way through the pros.

8. Halo 2

More popular than Halo is its sequel. Not only do many college students love the all sword battles, but they love co-op missions as well. Just a little stroll around dorms will reveal how popular Halo 2 really is on campuses. Most students I talked to said that nothing beat a large Halo 2 team deathmatch when two Xboxes are linked together.

7. Wii Sports

Many college students can’t afford to get new systems. However, those who were able to afford the Wii (it wasn’t so outrageously over-priced as the PS3) have found that the Wii sports package is immensely popular. This past year, when a student got a Wii, his or her room became the coolest place to be. Crowds of students from all over the dorm would flock to see the Wii madness. The unique style of play has made Wii sports quite popular amongst college students.

6. Grand Theft Auto (franchise)

The Grand Theft Auto series is still immensely popular on college campuses. This may be disconcerting to some, knowing that young educated minds still enjoy committing random acts of vandalism and murder. However, from personal experience, Grand Theft Auto is just a really cool game. The lack of a multiplayer feature doesn’t seem to deter students from playing well into the night. My roommate and I spent countless hours on GTA our freshman year. We just alternated after three failed missions or deaths. Unfortunately, as my GTA hours increased, my study hours decreased, along with my grades. However, I do take comfort in the fact that Grand Theft Auto can inspire college professors.

5. Mario Kart 64

Another N64 entry into the popularity contest. Mario Kart has a large amount of popularity on campuses. This is also aided by the fact that many women actually enjoy playing Mario Kart. You will find fewer females playing Halo, Half Life, and Grand Theft Auto. However, if you challenge them to Mario Kart 64, they will accept. Not surprisingly the most popular character choice for women is Peach. Mario Kart is so popular on college campuses, that students have even written in-depth articles on the game. A Penn State student had much to say about the Philosophy Behind Mario Kart 64 nexium prescription online.

4. Dance Dance Revolution

DDR is big business, especially at colleges where anime fans and the like populate. If you hear a lot of thumping on the floor above you, chances are someone’s either getting lucky, or playing some serious DDR. The exercise aspect appeals to many, and the variety of DDR games also appeal to a great number of people. Popularity with both males and females again adds to the popularity of this game in college. Students even join DDR clubs in college. Some of the groups even lobby for new equipment.

3. World of Warcraft

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this makes the list and is in the top three. Many, many college students play WoW on a regular basis. The fact that many students have addictive personalities anyway, helps to propel this game’s popularity. I was curious, so I investigated and I discovered that there’s an inverse proportion to the amount of time spent playing World of Warcraft and the grades of the student.

With the release of the expansion pack, WoW fever seemed to reach an all-time high this past year. While a majority of the WoW players seem less sociable (according to their peers), it may surprise people to find that even the occasional Frat Boy enjoys working on his character for hours on end. In fact, some college students keep in touch with high school friends by joining guilds and playing online with them. If you’re grades are suffereing from “WoW-syndrome” I’d suggest trying to fight the addiction.

2. Guitar Hero (franchise)

When it comes to college, guitar hero is considered by many to be the best game out there. While the need to purchase multiple guitar controllers is essential to the multiplayer experience, students don’t mind shelling out the extra bucks. The sequel is even more popular than the original game. With the title coming to the Wii, it will have conquered all of the platforms.

Males still enjoy it a bit more than females (what guy doesn’t want to become a rock star?), but it still finds tremendous popularity among all college students. Guitar Hero parties are always fun, and I’ve heard it said that it’s another great game to play while slightly not-sober. Guitar Hero tournaments are also big on campuses nowadays. Winners often times get game systems.

1. Super Smash Brothers

More popular than its sequel, Super Smash Brothers is a huge hit with all types of college students. There’s even a drinking game associated with it. The game is simple; every time a character dies, you must take a drink. As with Mario Kart, SSB is popular with the ladies. There is a popular facebook group called “SSA Super Smash Anonymous.” The cheers when someone wins, or their character dies, can be heard throughout the halls of dormitories. College students just love their Smash Brothers. Its universal appeal makes it the most popular video game on college campuses.

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